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A bottle per weekend, or a box for the tournament, R-Line is the perfect choice for teams.

Easier to mix in bulk than powders, and with a range of flavours the whole team will love.

R-Line Isotonic Electrolyte Activity Drink has been specifically formulated for lower intensity activities like work and recreation. Scientifically formulated at a leading NZ University for Kiwi conditions, R-Line is made in NZ for New Zealanders! Over 35% fewer sugars, and more total electrolytes than other leading brands.

Perfect for hard-working builders, electricians crawling around roof spaces, and those covered in PPE from hard hat to steel caps in the middle of the summer. R-Line Activity Drink is also perfect for your drink bottle on a long trek or kayak fishing mission, or if you have just woken up feeling a little dehydrated on the weekend.

Whatever your need, this bottle of goodness will help keep you going at full speed. R-Line is made with multiple carbohydrate sources and natural essences for an energy boost that’s easy to stomach. R-Line is also gluten-free.