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Are you an automotive professional? Artisan? A worker in the industry? AmPro is aware of your need for quality professional tools. AmPro tooling is planned, designed and manufactured for professionals.

This is why the brand chose the name of AmPro, an acronym for “I Am Professional”. Our DNA: to offer the best tools to professionals at a fair price. AmPro places the quality of these products at the heart of its concerns and makes them accessible to the greatest number with a fair price policy.

Established in 1984, AmPro Tools. was built upon the aspiration to build and provide unrivaled first-class products that constantly set the standard in innovation, quality, and performance. As a result, the AmPro brand, the product of our unwavering commitment to excellence, was born.

Today, with over 20 years of experience, AmPro Tools. has established itself as an international leader in providing top quality tools. Serving over 62 countries worldwide including the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, China, India, South Africa and Russia, AmPro provides customers with an extensive product line including hand tools, automotive speciality tools, and pneumatic tools and accessories for the hardware/construction and automotive industry.

Backed by decades of experience and expertise in the automotive and hardware/construction industry, AmPro Tools has become widely acclaimed by businesses all over the world as a symbol of quality, precision, dependability and customer satisfaction. We value every one of our customers and believe in long-standing relationships. We look forward to providing solutions for your business needs to help your business achieve its goals.