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Cat is the flagship brand in the Caterpillar portfolio and one of the most valuable brands in the world. Cat machines and engines are widely recognized as premium products and known for superior quality and reliability. Globally, the Cat logo has become an icon, often worn as a badge symbolizing hard work, grit and a get-it-done attitude.

The Cat product portfolio is the most extensive in the industry, with products ranging from the lunchbox-sized INV2000 inverter generator to marine engines to the 1000 tonne Cat 6090 mining excavator.  The portfolio also includes technology products and a broad array of services such as rental and finance. 

Primary industries served include construction, mining, power generation, marine, oil and gas, forestry, landscaping, agriculture, paving, waste, and quarry. Whether you’re building a flower bed or a skyscraper, or just need some comfortable work boots, there’s Cat product that will help you get the job done.

Quality and confidence. Cat products are engineered to perform and designed to last.  When you buy a Cat product, you’re not just getting a superior machine – you're getting support from the largest, most experienced dealer network in the world. As one customer put it, “the Cat dealer will move heaven and earth for us” and that’s not much of an exaggeration. So why choose Cat? Because you have a job to do, and we’ve got the people and products to help you get it done.