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Mitutoyo is a world-leading manufacturer of precision measuring tools and equipment for various industries.

The world’s largest metrology company was founded in 1934 by Yehan Numata with one product – the micrometre. Mitutoyo’s philosophy at that time was to make the best mechanical micrometre in the world. But also to produce them in quantities that made them affordable and available to all of manufacturing so they could improve the quality of the products they manufactured.

As the leading metrology company in the world, Mitutoyo is committed to future product development that applies breakthrough technologies to its full range of dimensional measurement tools, instruments and systems.

Length, form, hardness, vibration, seismic tremor, and many other types of measurements are intimately linked to all kinds of familiar objects around us. As science and technology progress and high-tech products are produced one after the other, measuring technology too has been growing increasingly sophisticated and accurate.

Mitutoyo is a manufacturer of precision measuring equipment and continually pushes the envelope in the field of measurement. Our technologies are widely used in various industries throughout the world.