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Bernzomatic believe in empowering those who’ve found their flame and dare to follow it. Because the ones who do, create bold transformations within themselves and in their environment redefining the limits of what we can achieve.

Whether you’re a professional, DIYer, chef, adventurer or artist, Bernzomatic has the right product to tackle the job with a full line of torches, lighters, fuel cylinders, camping gas and accessories.

Bernzomatic hand torches can be used for everything from soldering pipe and blowing glass, to caramelizing desserts and lighting grills.

Bernzomatic hand torches and fuel cylinders are precision engineered by the global leader in pressure cylinder vessels to be the highest quality products on the market.

Benzomatic products surpass government standards for quality and safety, with 30,000 test ignitions and drop tests that exceeded results by three-fold.

Bernzomatic manufactures hand-held torches and accessories, especially gas burner torches use fuel cylinders containing butane, propane, MAPP gas, and oxygen for soldering, brazing, and welding.

Its trademark torch packs include basic use, multi-application, and speciality. Its products include torches, fuel cylinders, kits, solders and accessories, and utility lighters.