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Alpen is the drilling expert for professionals:

Whatever you need.

We will provide you with the right drill bit for perfect results that are faster, more efficient and precise than ever before.

Europe’s only full source provider for drilling tools manufactured in-house and the leading provider of metal, masonry and wood drills.

Alpen drills are manufactured exclusively in Austria, ensuring we control the entire production process and guarantees consistently outstanding quality. Reliable manufacturing technology guarantees the best possible quality, bit after bit. Alpen drills are the tool that gives you the perfect work result. 

Numerous certifications confirm the highest quality standards and quality controls during the whole manufacturing process. Alpen drill bits for concrete/masonry and special drill bits bear the PGM test mark (Masonry Drill Bit Certification, Prüfgemeinschaft Mauerbohrer e.V.), which guarantees the safety of dowelled joints. These test mark granted to only a select few manufacturers. It guarantees observance of tight tolerances in the marked drill bits for the diameter of the cutting tip, its symmetrical soldering and the smooth rotation of the drill bits.